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Teen Summer Remedial Programs

Camp to Campus offers Teen Summer Remedial Programs that are both educational and fun for Teens. Camp to Campus focuses on recommending Teen Summer Remedial Classes located on campuses both domestically or internationally.

Teen Summer Remedial Camps Offer Great Experiences For Your Teens

Teens can take courses in math and reading so they can be well prepared when they enter their next grade level in school. Teenage students attend courses scheduled during the day. Teen students get a hands-on feel for campus life while attending theirs courses.

Now That You Are Curious About Teen Summer Remedial Programs, See More!

  • We make sure you receive all the brochures to browse at your leisure
  • We make sure you receive DVDs so you can view our Teen Summer Remedial Course locations in more depth, showing you the campuses where the Teen Summer Remedial Camps are located.

Skilled Staff Of Experts Guide Campers

The skilled staff are not only experts in their academic specialty, but understand that each teen learns and acquires knowledge at their own pace. The leaders also show the importance of team building and cooperation, showing teens how each one has value and is an active contributor to a common goal. The effect this has on our teens will endure for a lifetime, for our teens are learning life skills in a academically encouraging environment.


We Offer Free Information:

Need your information in a hurry? Call Ann and Dick Travis at (347) 235-0376 for a consultation and receive links to the teen summer camps best suited for you! Our free summer program information kit with DVD will be provided upon request. To Receive Your Free Information Package Click Here.





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