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Teen Summer Community Service Programs: Asia

Providing Free Information for Teen Asian Community Service Programs




Teen Summer Community Service

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Asia Community Service Programs

Camp to Campus offers Teen Summer Community Service Programs and teen community service camp opportunities for service work and cultural immersion in villages in Asia. Community Service Programs can be in a variety of settings in Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, China and India. Teens learn about people and places different from home while cooperating on teen community service projects. Teen summer camp community service programs range in length from two to four weeks. These community service programs may house teens in community centers, school dorms residential homes or in a sleep away camp setting.


Teen community service camps offer A VARIETY OF PROJECTS

Teen community service camps include projects such as:

  • Building community structures
  • Working with children and the elderly
  • Helping on environmental projects
  • Helping care for endangered animals
  • Assisting in educational programs and many more


We Offer Free Information:

Need your information in a hurry? Call Ann and Dick Travis at (347) 235-0376 for a consultation and receive links to the teen summer camps best suited for you! Our free summer program information kit with DVD will be provided upon request. To Receive Your Free Information Package Click Here.







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Teen Summer Asian Community Service Programs

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