Teen Summer Music Programs

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Teen Summer Music Programs

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Teen Summer Music Programs

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Teen Summer Music Programs

Camp to Campus offers Teen Summer Music Programs that are both dynamic and fun for Teens, with focus on music as well as outdoor activities and sports.



Teen Music Programs

Teen Summer Music Programs present teens with opportunities to play in bands, chamber music, choruses, combos, jazz bands, orchestras, rock bands and joint cooperation with both instrumental and vocal interests. Specific musical genres include jazz, opera, popular and rock music. Classes are offered in composition, conducting, music history and appreciation, sight-reading, theory, and song writing.

Now that you are curious about teen summer theater, music and art courses, see more!

  • We make sure you receive all the brochures to browse at your leisure.
  • We make sure you receive DVDs so you can view our Teen Summer Music locations in more depth.

Skilled Staff Of Experts Guide Campers

The skilled staff are not only professional musicians and performing professionals, but they also understand that each teen learns and acquires knowledge at their own pace.

We Offer Free Information:

Need your information in a hurry? Call Ann and Dick Travis at (347) 235-0376 for a consultation and receive links to the teen summer camps best suited for you! Our free summer program information kit with DVD will be provided upon request. To Receive Your Free Information Package Click Here.





Teen Summer Music Programs

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