Teen Summer Golf Programs


Teen Summer Golf Programs

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Teen Summer Golf Programs

Teen Summer Golf Programs

Programs that are both educational and fun for Teens. Camp to Campus focuses on recommending exciting and adventurous Teen Summer Golf Camps available in different areas that are safe and well supervised. Teen Summer Golf Camps are available in 1 week or 2 week sessions.

Teen summer golf camps offer great experiences for your teens

Teens in the Teen summer golf programs have the finest individual instruction of the complete swing (backswing, forward swing, follow through), short game, long game, putting, the scoring shots, course management, rules, and etiquette. Each region offers additional activities and adventures that are representative of the area that the Teen Summer Golf Program is located. Teen summer golf programs offer teens an opportunity for traveling while playing different golf courses in multiple locations.

Different teen summer golf camps are structured for different levels of activity and adventure
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  • All Teen Summer Tennis Camps are taught by professional instructors


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Skilled Staff To Guide Campers

The skilled professional players and coaches is not only expert in golf instruction, but understand that each teen learns and acquires knowledge at their own pace. Leaders also show the importance of team building and cooperation, showing teens how each one has value and is an active contributor to a common goal. The effect this has on teens will endure for a lifetime, for the teens are learning life skills in a thrilling, encouraging environment.

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